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After a semester of painting at Sint-Lucas Ghent in 2013, Quinten De Coene (° 1993, Zottegem) decides to explore his artistic interests as an autodidact. Hereby the artist emphazies art books and many observations in museums as the most important sources of inspiration for his paintings and drawings. Mainly the work of old masters had a major impact on the early works of De Coene. But poetry, philosophy and music are also among the most important ingredients for his artistic practice.

Since 2015 De Coene regularly exhibits his works of art in various exhibitions. For example, he participated in the group expo Antwerps Kunstensalon, organized by Jongbloed! of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (2015, Antwerp). In a duo exhibition at Galerie Ganache (2016-2017, Ghent) his painting were confronted with the photographic work of Francine Pauly. His last solo exhibition Reis naar het einde van de nacht took place at Boekhandel Limerick (2017, Ghent). PAK is pleased to dedicate a new solo exhibition to painter and draftsman Quinten De Coene.

'The title of the exhibition refers to a self-written poem that has been lost. Asfalt refers to the various roads in Ghent where I found support during my nightly escapades with friends. '

Together with the young artist, PAK Oostende made a selection of his portraits, landscapes and urban impressions. On a thematic level, the artist sees the work as a plastic translation of his daily emotions and thoughts. What exactly the artist is thinking about, or what feeling exactly engulfs him, remains deliberately in the background. It is the desire of De Coene that each viewer can view and interpret the artwork in a completely free. In this way, the work succeeds in generating different common feelings within us. At the same time, these detached emotions can differ greatly for one particular work, depending on his viewer. Often the work of De Coene offers consolation and strength for a large group of people.


Quinten De Coene


Benedict Vandaele



24 November - 9 December 2018

PAK Oostende


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