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The notion of human vulnerability has been central for the exhibition Faces. By focusing on human physiognomy, the works in the exhibition addressed various themes such as fear, torment, and isolation. The show took place three years after the successful collaboration between PAK Gistel, Museum Dr. Guislain, and PC Sint Amandus on the Spiegel im Spiegel exhibition. In 2018, those three institutions worked together again to bring approximately 100 artworks by 24 Belgian and international artists, including Roger Ballen, Lucas Delaere, Matthias Dornfeld, Pascale Pollier and Michel Vaerewijck, to Sint Amandus Beernem. As a co-curator, together with Patrick Allegaert and Frank Demarest, I was responsible for the selection of the works from the Dr. Guislain Museum’s collection. Frank Demarest and I took care of the composition and installation of the works, mostly consisting of paintings, sculptures, and photographs.


Hans Op de Beeck, Dino Vals, Bram Demunter, Didier Mahieu, Matthias Dornfeld, Danielle van Zadelhoff, Karl Mechnig, Roger Ballen, Steven Peters Caraballo, Karin Hanssen, Pascale Polier, Danielle Luinge, Lucas Delaere, Sofie Muller, Michel Vaerewijck, Giovanni Minne, Lucas Devriendt, Rudy Cremonini, Hans Vandekerckhove, Lieven Nollet, Jacques Sonck, Peter Jacquemyn, Nico Vaerewijck and Gauthier Hubert. 


Patrick Allegaert, Frank Demarest and Benedict Vandaele 



10 March - 26 April 2018

Psychiatric Center Sint-Amandus



Reportage Focus|WTV

Article Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen

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