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Hatching the curatorial egg

On 20 February 2023 I was invited by Support Studio to present 'Hatching the curatorial egg'. This lecture, the upgraded version of 'Hoe word ik curator', focuses on the curatorial practice and is explained through various sub-themes. The etymology of the word curating serve as a starting point to arrive at the contemporary practice. The different tasks of a curator are demonstrated by three personal projects. 'Hatching the curatorial egg' is mainly intended for people who have moderate to no experience in curating. During the lecture, many tips and tricks are shared to get started or to optimize your projects. 

Support Studio is a collaborative project in which emerging artists, writers and curators come together to develop their own individual practice and build a network. It's an independent experiment born within and supported by Nucleo, with a yearly budget with which the residents are able to collaborate actively in developing a program of activities like workshops, lectures and screenings.

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