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The expo ILVSX!? illuminated a contemporary vision on sexuality through the work of visual artists. The confrontation with this existential theme differs for everyone. Although people always try to unravel sexuality, certain aspects will remain elusive. The title of the exhibition: I love sex!?, conceived as an initial word, alludes to the inability of human to capture sexuality in its totality. The exclamation mark and the question mark refer respectively to the pleasure and inconveniences that sexuality entails. The exhibited artworks of eight (inter)national artists approached sexuality from different angles: sensuality, eroticism, frustration, virginity, pornography, digital media, gender, voyeurism, exhibitionism…


A catalog (Dutch/English) was drawn up for this exhibition and a panel discussion (Dutch) took place on Friday 20 April:

– Chris Mestdagh (chairman Centrum voor Geboorteregeling en Seksuele Opvoeding Brugge, docent social work)
– Elisabeth Van Dam (artist, doctor in philosophy)                                                                         

– Cathérine Ongenae (journalist, founder BLOOT)                                                                       

– Benedict Vandaele ( moderator, curator, author ILVSX!?)


A. Liparoto , Elisabeth Van Dam, Flor Maesen, Goeun Choi aka Chego,  Hanne Louisia,  Jans Muskee, Peter Jonckheere and Philippe Somers.


Benedict Vandaele 



20 - 22 April 2018

De Tank


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