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Introduction Lode Laperre's solo exhibition For(m)a

On 11 December 2020, the introduction of Lode Laperre's solo exhibition For(m)a took place in Ruimte P60 Assen. His abstract imagery is determined by a symbiosis of inner peace and formal experiments. Crucial to Lode’s oeuvre is his  interest in Eastern culture such as Taoism. The multitude of impressions strongly influences his attitude and vision in and outside the studio. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, the artist applies different layers of acrylic paint followed by various formal interventions. This processing is not only done with conventional painting materials like brushes. The artist often uses a chuck or a utility knife to obtain various textures. A visually stimulating relief of color and shape is created and floods us with energy. The introduction was followed by an artist talk to discuss some aspects of Lode's artistry in depth. For example, we had a discussion about transience and how the views of Asians and Europeans differ profoundly.

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