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Markt! Fair Art Fair

On the first of December, Het Entrepot opened De Tank for Markt!, an art fair and an auction of young artists’ works. In order to give the artists an extra boost, we asked no commission on the sold works, what made the event unique in comparison to the traditional art market practices.

As part of this initiative, I got the chance to work with Het Entrepot. Together, we selected the young artists, mainly active in the Bruges region. Since many amongst them have never exhibited or offered their works for sale, I supported the artists throughout the process. Together with the team of Het Entrepot, we prepared the composition for the artworks in De Tank's exhibition space.


Joachim Dumoulin, Pieter De Clercq, Tim Theo Deceuninck, Fenna Van Espen, Esther Cornelis, Arjan Vanmeenen, Helena Loose, Maarten Van den Bussche, Enya-Hannah Elliott, Tibo Nassel, Lucas Van Loo, Ruben Neirynck, Louise Degraeve, Rodrigo Fraga, Loulou João, Frieke Verlé, Bas Pattyn, Anton Hewitt, Raven Lamoot and Maarten Derous. 


Benedict Vandaele 


Markt! Fair Art Fair

1 December 2018

De Tank


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