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 Een ontdekkingstocht doorheen het vroege werk van Raoul De Keyser

On 4 October 2018, I gave a masterclass in the S.M.A.K about the first seven years of Raoul De Keyser’s painting career. On the examples of the artworks on show in the S.M.A.K., I highlighted the most important aspects of De Keyser's early period and explained their influence on his entire oeuvre.

Raoul De Keyser in his studio, ca. 1969 © H. Kessels

As a student of Art History, I researched Raoul De Keyser's early work (1964-1970). My thesis, under the supervision of Steven Jacobs, focused mainly on the first seven years of his painting career. The thesis contained four thematic chapters: ‘Raoul De Keyser According to Contemporary Art Criticism’, ‘Human Figure as a Unique Phenomenon in the Early Work of De Keyser’, ‘Metapictures in the Work of De Keyser’, and ‘Raoul De Keyser and Photography’. Furthermore, it included a catalogue raisonné of the paintings made in the period from 1964 to 1970. The thesis was mainly realized through an intensive research in the archives of Raoul De Keyser, located in the Boekentoren of Gent University. In addition, several interviews were conducted with De Keyser’s intimates, including Luc and Piet Dekeyser. Other important sources were the reportages about De Keyser present in the VRT archives and an extensive selection of scientific sources. The research results will be included in De Keyser’s new catalogue raisonné (1964-1980).

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