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Expo Criss-Cross at Open Ateliers

A visit to De Tank's studios is a striking experience; each workspace reveals an intimate story, with its unique setting, sources of inspiration, and artworks. Criss-Cross was an attempt to bring the various practices of the residents together in one exhibition. For a brief moment, we got a chance to decode the DNA of De Tank.

Criss-Cross situated itself somewhere in the gray zone between the private atmosphere of the studios and the public character of the exhibition space. The selection of the studio objects in the aisle provided a glimpse into different artistic processes, thereby creating subtle links between the ateliers and the exhibition.

Criss-Cross highlighted the works of 26 residents active in 20 studios. The exhibition encompassed a multitude of disciplines, subjects, and styles; through their confrontations, the new connections have been made. The physical boundaries between the studios seemed to have faded for a moment, resulting in a random cross-pollination between all the enthusiastic creatives of De Tank.


Cheff, Jolien Chielens, Esther Cornelis, Manon de Craene, Martine Debuf, Tim Theo Deceuninck, Hans Demeulenaere, Carlos González, Els Lesage, Raven Lamoot, Sien Mestdagh, Frieke Verlé, Stenen Maandag, Studio Dada, Fenna Van Espen, Alice Vanderschoot, Leen Vandorpe, Sam Vanroose, Mauritz Verlinden and Bart Vinckier


Benedict Vandaele and Bert Puype



10 November 2018

De Tank



Aftermovie Het Entrepot

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