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Rites of Exchange 

On 12 May 2018, ISELP hosted a series of performative lectures by artists and curators, ranging in format from the TED talk to the dance floor demonstration. Other contributions included variations on the ping-pong game, the audio guide, and food tasting. Yet across all the performative situations staged in different parts of ISELP, there remained a constant desire to de-passify the spectator and to mobilise her and him physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The programme was the result of a close collaboration between the artists in residence at HISK Gent and the curators from the Curatorial Studies programme at KASK Gent. Together with a Russian curator Anna Zhironkina, we worked with a Dutch artist Lisette de Greeuw on her lecture performance Questioning the Answer.

Questioning the Answer was a performative conversation between an audience and an art installation. Through mathematical algorithms, de Greeuw tried to challenge the concept of performative lecture. Her installation raised different the questions such as ‘What makes a lecture performative?’, ‘Does the knowledge exchanged need to be true?’, and ‘Is interaction the most important element of a performative lecture?’


Sofia Caesar, Goeun Choi, Lisette de Greeuw, Béatrice Didier, Frédéric Ehlers, Megan-Leigh Heilig, Roel Heremans, Hannah Mevis, Mark Požlep, Marijke De Roover, Lisa Wilkens


Nathalie Cohen, Romuald Demidenko, Maxime Gourdon, Hélène Jacques, Alicja Melzacka, Benedict Vandaele, Anna Zhironkina


Rites of exchange

12 May 2018



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