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Tussen de regels 

On 22 September 2023 I was invited by Tanja Leys to introduce 'Between the lines'. The group exhibition showcased the works of five contemporary artists who engaged in a visual dialogue with each other. In the gallery, both new and existing works were displayed by Bart Vandevijvere, Bert Drieghe, Inge Decuypere, Jean De Groote, and Mohammed Alani.


In the various spaces of  TaLe Art Gallery, the visitors encountered artworks occupying diverse positions on the spectrum of visual arts. There were no classical artworks depicting our reality in a truthful manner. No mimetic paintings or sculptures, but artworks that, each in their own way, explored or transcended the boundaries of figuration. Through their visual language, the artists challenged our perception. Not easily digestible images, but compositions that require time to be discovered and understood in all their facets, both mentally and physically.

(c) Michel Coen
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